Questions You May Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Before Liposuction

For useful questions you may ask your plastic surgeon before liposuction, read on. A lot of people feel uncomfortable about the idea of asking their physician questions. This shouldn’t be the case. It’s not worth spending a lot of money and ending up plastic surgeon michigan with unsatisfactory results. Be wary of a surgeon who does not answer all your questions. Communicating in the right way is important to ensure that you are choosing a capable and reputable professional that understands your goals and tells you how far you can achieve them.

Liposuction Surgery – Effective and Low Risk Procedure

Liposuction is increasingly becoming safer. However the procedure is also becoming increasingly specialized. For example, if you want to do a Smartlipo, you need a physician who has sufficient experience in using the Smartlipo Triplex™ system. Successful use of this system means that he is able to achieve precise and uniform contouring and facilitate skin tightening, without over-treatment and with minimal pain and scarring.

Though this article lists 24 questions, it may not be necessary for you to ask all of them. Your plastic surgeon may tell you about many relevant matters in the course of your discussion with him.

Questions You Can Ask

1. Are you Board Certified by the ABPS (American Board of Plastic Surgery)?

2. How long since you were ABPS certified?

3. For how long have you undergone training in plastic surgery?

4. What techniques of liposuction do you use? (The plastic surgeon that uses advanced techniques such as Smartlipo Triplex should be preferred).

5. How frequently have you performed liposuction using the technique in question?

6. How frequently do you now perform the procedure using the technique?

7. What kind of anesthesia would be used for the plastic surgery?

8. Where would you perform the procedure?

9. Am I a suitable candidate for this liposuction technique?

10. Which plastic surgeon, anesthesiologist and other medical staffs would be assisting with the surgery?

11. Please tell me about qualifications and experience of the support team.

12. Can you give me references to patients you have treated using the technique?

13. May I see your “Before” and “After” patient photos for the particular body area for I am considering treating?

14. What are the possible risks of this cosmetic surgery?

15. What measures would be taken to reduce the possible risks?

16. What percentage of your patients has had serious complications?

17. What happens if I develop complications?

18. How much time would I have to take away from work for the procedure and recovery?

19. What is the complete breakdown of the fees for this surgery?

20. What about post-surgical scarring?

21. Are my aesthetic expectations realistic? If not, how close to them would the outcome be?

22. If I do not get the expected outcome, would revision or corrective surgery work for me?

23. What precautions should I take post-surgery?

24. What kind of aftercare do you provide?

Be a Smart Patient

Be a smart patient. Ask your plastic surgeon these questions before liposuction and also assess whether he has a good bedside manner or not.

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