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Good Cosmetic Breast Implant Results and How to Get Them

Patients come to the office with an understandable degree of apprehension regarding breast implant surgery. A potential patient’s expectations are definitely affected by that which she has absorbed prior to that visit. If I could choose to have a new patient coming in for consultation bring any one thing with her that day, it would be realistic expectations. Often television and the internet have distorted those a bit and a little adjustment is in order breast implants adelaide. That is just another part of the job for your friendly neighborhood plastic surgeon. There are things a patient can choose as she decides upon cosmetic breast surgery that can make the experience more worry-free. As I have told a number of patients in the past, breast implants do come out of a box, but good breast implant results are not so simple. This is not a tire and you are not a car. Take into account we are talking about cosmetic breast cases here. Reconstructive cases (such as after mastectomy) can be quite a bit more complicated.

The Question of Size

Goal size and shape are often central points of patient satisfaction. Reading about breast implants on the internet, a woman might come to the conclusion that she can have any size or shape she wants. As implant results have a good deal to do with the patient’s tissues as much as the implant size a woman might like, there are practical considerations that should come into play. Larger breast implant patients do see a higher rate of re-operation for problems. Usually increasing breast size between a bra cup and a cup and a half is well received though. In addition, patients with more than a small degree of sag (ptosis) to their breasts are well-advised to consider breast lift surgery if they would like their results to stand the test of time. Being conservative on sizing has contributed to a good long term success rate in my practice.

Silicone Gel versus Saline-filled Breast Implants

The filling in the actual implant placed has ramifications upon the result as well. Although Silicone gel breast implants feel better in your hands than saline-filled models, even the newer generation Gummy Bear silicone implants leech (this is microscopic leaking) silicone into the patient’s breast. Historically silicone gel breast implants have had more tissue reactions and more breast hardening (capsular contracture) than their saline-filled counterparts. Women considering implants need to also weigh their comfort level with having silicone within their bodies as opposed to the ever more biologically compatible saline. It is true that the outer implant “container” for both silicone gel and saline-filled implants is the same solid silicone, but this harder silicone has not been shown to be problematic in our bodies. It is the same as that which has covered other implanted devices such as pacemakers for years without problems. So given my choice I would choose saline-filled breast implants 90% of the time.